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The Effect AI & Blockchain Center has a brief but extensive history. It all started from the founders of a Dutch startup called Effect.AI. Effect.AI was founded in late 2017 where they released their whitepaper and plans on creating a democratic and decentralized Network for Artificial Intelligence. With significant funding shortly after the launch of the company, one of the pressing initiatives was to create hubs (Centers) in counties that were not on the map for their tech/AI/Blockchain knowledge. These counties and states are what Effect.AI feel of the most important members of the AI future and should have a say on how the world's most impactful technology will unfold. Explore the brief history of Effect.AI and The Effect AI & Blockchain Center below!

An idea for a decentralized network for Artificial Intelligence was born by Jesse Eisses, Laurens Verspeek and Chris Dawe. They called it The Effect Network.
mid 2017
The technical whitepaper called “Effect.AI The Effect Network” was released to the world. The incorporation of Effect.AI was established in Amsterdam under Dutch law.
late 2017
The Effect Network Foundation was established in the Dutch Antillies nation of Curacao.
early 2018
Effect.AI CEO visits the Georgian capital of Tbilisi for the first time. Meets with government officials and organization such as GITA and the United Nations to discuss their technology and initiatives.
mid 2018
Effect.AI Establishes a pilot program with the UNDP in Georgia. 12 Georgian youth join The Effect Network and work as data annotators on Effect.AI software solutions.
late 2018
Georgian UNDP pilot commences with great success and Effect.AI, UNDP, the municipality and the pilot youth agree to establish a more permanent partnership.
early 2019
A partnership is officially forged between the Rustavi Innovation HUB, the United Nations Development Psdjsjsd and Effect.AI to open a physical location to offer youth accelerated learning programs along with the ability to earn money working with Effect.AI software and platform solutions. They call it The Effect AI & Blockchain Center. A large room is granted to the initiative within a historic theatre in the center of Rustavi.
mid 2019
The room undergoes the necessary restoration to create a suitable and inspiring space for the future members of the center. A collection of AI and Blockchain influencers join the Effect A.I.B.C. to offer mentorships and course curriculum for the centers members.
late 2019
The Effect AI & Blockchain Center opens with 6 of the 12 original pilot members. Preparations for the public grand opening begins.
early 2020
Grand Opening Ceremony
The very first Effect AI & Blockchain Center Summit and the official grand opening ceremonies take place in Rustavi on location of the Center. Please RSVP now if you would like to be part of this historic event.
May 16th 2020

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