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We Believe that Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology can empower people to accomplish great things and help make the world a better place. Across the globe, many communities have limited support and access to the safe environments, tools and experiences that can unlock a better future and prepare their youth for the high tech future that is upon us.
The very first Effect AI & Blockchain Center was established January 15th 2020 in the Georgian city of Rustavi in the country of Georgia. The Center is in partnership and collaboration with the UNDP, The Rustavi Innovation Hub and the Dutch enterprise Effect.AI.
Our Effect AI & Blockchain Centers are a place where youth can develop critical technical and interpersonal skills through hands-on work while exploring their interests through project-based and accelerated learning programs. The Effect Centers work to bridge the digital divide by giving young people access to tech education, access to AI work and mentored guidance, in turn building the confidence they will need to be successful in the world of tomorrow.

Join us for the first annual Effect Center Summit

The very first Effect AI & Blockchain Center meetup and the official grand opening ceremonies take place in Rustavi on location of the Center. Please RSVP now if you would like to be part of this historic event.

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The Effect AI & Blockchain Center initiative aspires to build a Network that will serve youth from 100’s of underserved communities in several different countries worldwide. Sponsoring a member, a Center or just a small donation can go a long way.

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